Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Border Angels Founder Enrique Morones (Video)

Another One Bites The Dust On Tucker Carlson Tonight

Monday, on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Border Angels Founder Enrique Morones attempted to explain why it is inhumane for the United States to decide who can come into this country and who cannot. Morones spewed the normal far left terms of xenophobe, sexist, racist that libs can’t seem to use enough.

In true Carlson form, he presented the facts on the truly inhumane treatment that Mexico has against illegal immigrants in their country compared to what the U.S. has.

Carlson — “In Mexico, illegal immigration is a felony in Mexico, punishable by up to 2 years in prison. Repeated attempts can get you 10 years in prison. People who aid illegal aliens in Mexico are also subject to felony charges, none of that is true in the United States. Mexican law says Mexico can deport illegal aliens who are detrimental to economic or national interest.”

It seems that the United States treats illegal immigrants MUCH MORE HUMANELY  than Mexico.  Morones has no answer to this and simply goes back to the typical criticism of American law without any facts to back up what he says.


As Carlson continued to grill Morones and read off his bio.  Morones denied what is actually written on his bio page!

Carlson — “For someone who says he is more proud to be Mexican than American, and is holding the US to this standard, why don’t you answer the question. Do you agree with the fact it is a felony to go into Mexico illegally?

Morones — “No and the thing is I never said I’m more proud to be Mexican”

Carlson –“It says right here, I’m reading your bio”

Morones — “I don’t know whose bio you’re reading.”

Read the bio for Enrique Morones here!


Watch interview here:


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