Trumpism Spreading: Marine Le Pen Hails Patriotism As The Future; 2017 Will Be “Year Of The Awakening”

Will Marine Le Pen Be Next?

All indications right now are good for Marine Le Pen. On Thursday Bloomberg reported that the conservative populist leader in France had moved into first place in Presidential polling.

Marine Le Pen is the leader for the French National Front (FN) party in France, a party that has been picking up a lot of steam in response to the out cry against the number of Muslims that are showing up in France, changing their culture and bring crime and terrorism with into their country.

Le Pen said recently to a group of right-winged politicians in Germany that she believes that patriotism is the policy of the future.

From The BBC:

She said that 2017 would be the “year of the awakening” for European people.

Her comments were echoed by the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders.

“Yesterday, a new America. Today… a new Europe!” Mr Wilders, the leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (PVV), said while opening the meeting under heavy security in the central German city of Koblenz.

“The people of the West are awakening. They are throwing off the yoke of political correctness,” he said.

“This year will be the year of the people… the year of liberation, the year of the patriotic spring.”

“We are experiencing the return of nation-states,” she said.

The year 2016 was characterised by the “awakening of Anglo-Saxon countries”, she added, while 2017 “will be the year of the awakening of the people of continental Europe”.



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