Trump: Supreme Court Pick Will Happen In First 2 Weeks As President


Nominee Will Be Named In First 2 Weeks

On Wednesday President-elect Donald Trump said he will probably announce his pick for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court within two weeks of his inauguration.

The Supreme Court has had just eight justices since the death of conservative powerhouse Antonin Scalia almost a year ago.

Senate Democrats are now threatening to block any Trump nominees they consider extreme. Fortunately for the American people the democrats have lost over 1,000 seats across the country due to their failing ideas and radical stances on issues that many Americans don’t agree with.


While on the campaign trail Trump made an unprecedented move and released a list of candidates that he said will be used to pick Supreme Court Justices.

The List He Will Choose From

Keith Blackwell
Charles Canady
Steven Colloton
Allison Eid
Neil Gorsuch
Raymond Gruender
Thomas Hardiman
Raymond Kethledge
Joan Larsen
Mike Lee
Thomas Lee
Edward Mansfield
Federico Moreno
William Pryor
Margaret A. Ryan
Amul Thapar
Timothy Tymkovich
David Stras
Diane Sykes
Don Willett
Robert Young

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