Trump Freezes Obama’s Payment Of $221 Million To ‘Palestinian’ Authorities

The Trump administration said Tuesday it’s reviewing a possible “adjustment” of former President Obama’s release of more than $220 million to the Palestinian Authority, hours before he left office last week.

TGP reported that Obama transferred over $221 million to Palestinian authorities as one last slap in the face in his last few hours as President.

Now this…


Via Washington Times:

Acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the agency is “currently reviewing last-minute spending approved by the previous administration and will make adjustments if needed to ensure that it aligns with the priorities of the Trump-Pence administration.”

Then-Secretary of State John F. Kerry instructed USAID to release $220.3 million for Gaza recovery programs last week, a move that had been blocked by congressional Republicans.

A written notification dated last Friday was sent to Congress just hours before Mr. Trump took the oath of office.

Congress approved the funding for the Palestinians in 2015 and 2016. But at least two Republican lawmakers — Reps. Edward R. Royce of California, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger of Texas, a member of the House Appropriations Committee — had placed holds on releasing the funds.

Obama repeatedly stabbed Israel in the back. This last minute transfer of money to Palestinian authorities was the last straw. President Trump vows to repair our relationship with Israel and freezing this payment would be a great start.



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