TRUMP Blasts Angela Merkel for “Catastrophic Mistake” of Admitting Millions of Unvetted Migrants (VIDEO)

In an interview with the Times of London Donald Trump told reporters he likes order and Merkel made a “catastrophic mistake” of admitting millions of unvetted migrants into Germany.

I like order. Certainly the Germans, this is something they are known for. But I do I like order. I like strength. I have great respect for her. I felt she was a great, great leader. I think she made one catastrophic mistake. And that was taking all of these illegals. Taking all of these people from wherever they come from. And nobody knows where they come from.

Germany, a country of 80 million, received over one million migrants and unvetted “refugees” in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel expected another million migrants in 2016.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel released a New Year’s message calling on Germans to use love and compassion to battle the Islamist extremists in their communities.

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