THANKS OBAMA=> Muslims Demand Jews Refer to Temple Mount as ‘Haram al-Sharif’ From Now On

temple mount

Recently, President Obama spearheaded a UN resolution effectively declaring Judaism’s and Christianity’s holiest sites, the Temple Mount, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Western Wall, Israeli occupied territory belonging to Palestinians.

Now, Muslims are demanding Jews and Christians stop referring to the site by it’s historical Jewish name, the Temple Mount.

Times of Israel reports:

Islamic guards try to boot guide for saying ‘Temple Mount’ on Temple Mount

Waqf officials haul Israeli archaeologist in front of Israeli police for not using term ‘Haram al-Sharif’ during historical tour of site; police advise him to refrain from saying ‘Temple Mount’ for rest of visit

The incident, which was witnessed by this reporter and which other tour guides said was not without precedent, highlighted ever-present tensions over the nomenclature used at the site, months after Israel furiously protested a UNESCO resolution that refers to The Temple Mount and Western Wall as solely Muslim sites.

The best part? He was giving a tour to liberal(?) UCLA students, who got more of an education than they were expecting.

“Everyone was sort of thrown off by the incident,” Nima Ostowari, one of the UCLA students on the 10-day trip, said. The trip aims to show the history of the different religions and peoples and their ties to the region, and the Waqf guard’s aggressive interjection was “unsettling” to many of its participants, he said.

“The man just coming up and saying that we couldn’t use the words ‘Temple Mount’ was, in a way, saying that the Jewish people don’t have a connection to the land, which I think borders on problematic,” Ostowari said.

Ethnically cleansing Jewish history from their holiest site “borders on problematic?” So does liberal tolerance for Islamic supremacy.

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