Tech Rag Gizmodo’s Consistent Attacks Against President Trump, Thiel, Musk

It seems that some of Gawker’s most misguided and immoral writers have found a new home to spew their hate speech, gossip, and invasions of privacy. That home is Gizmodo.

Browsing the first two pages, 40 articles, on Gizmodo I found that an overwhelming 25% are written with the sole purpose of attacking Trump or attacking those in Silicon Valley who have not severed all ties to Trump, Peter Theil, and instituted support systems for liberal protestors who are currently causing a national disruption.

In a terribly written piece titled, “Sam Altman Is a Coward“, Gizmodo staff writer William Turton states:

Rejecting Donald Trump and his associates is a simple test of moral fortitude. Sam Altman, the 31-year-old Silicon Valley thought leader and president of famed startup accelerator Y Combinator, has passed the first part of that test. He has argued that Trump should be disqualified from the presidency because “he represents a real threat to the safety of women, minorities, and immigrants.” He’s even gone as far as to compare Trump to Hitler. […] But while this posturing certainly seems to be genuine, Altman has steadfastly refused to do the one thing that would serve as a substantial rebuke of the Trump administration: Cut ties with his business partner Peter Thiel, an avowed Trump ally.

So let me get this straight, these people are foaming at the mouth so much that it is not enough to slanderously call our President “Hitler” (on no grounds what so ever) but this writer is asserting that all Trump supporters need to be fired from tech, or else their bosses need to be publically shamed and called ‘cowards!’ by the fascist left until they resign. This is what the left has become, and this is why nobody is taking them seriously anymore.

Another article by liberal hack Matt Novak, “IBM’s Statement on the Muslim Ban Is Embarrassingly Weak For a Company That Collaborated With the Nazis“, takes the exact same idea (they are all very unoriginal) – that all companies NEED to decry and disparage President Trump and cut ties with all those involved in the administration:

Companies like Uber are getting raked over the coals for collaborating with the Trump regime. And rightly so. But IBM’s new statement on the Muslim ban might be the weakest yet from any tech company. IBM may as well have put out a statement saying “puppies are good; we like puppies, don’t you?” […] But I guess we shouldn’t expect a moral backbone from the company that assisted the Nazi regime in genocide.

YUP. He played the Nazi card with IBM. Tell me that’s not the most hilarious time you’ve seen a liberal play it.

Silicon Valley would do well and follow Elon Musk’s lead, who met with Trump and other business leaders to discuss infrastructure and the future of American tech. As CNBC noted:

If it continues, this unlikely alliance could have benefits for both sides. Musk gets an ear to the president who’s promised to shake up the current order and make it easier for American companies to do business. Trump gets the support of a visionary technologist who could help repair his image among the Silicon Valley tech community, which was vocally opposed to Trump during his candidacy.

It is safe to say that the companies that are going against the administration are going to suffer in the market, and suffer at the hands of the American consumer – half of whom do fully support President Trump and the Trump Administration. It’s only a matter of time before these companies start failing due to their catering ‘political’ stances, and shrivel up enough to allow better, more reflective, companies to take their place.

Go play some video games Gizmodo and leave politics to the grownups.


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