Southwest Airlines Changes Cabin Lights For Flight to Anti-Trump Women’s March

Southwest Airlines flight to Washington D.C. makes a change in the passenger cabin for the Women Against Trump March

If you were on a Southwest Airlines flight heading to Washington for the inauguration, you were treated to a light show, whether you wanted it or not.

According to Yahoo, the passengers heading to Washington Thursday had to endure the cabin lights going dim and the passenger cabin being lit with neon pink in support for the women’s march. One would have to assume the airline staff made a positive reference in some way to the Presidency of Donald Trump, Doubtful.

According to Twitter and Instagram users, the plane erupted into a cheer when the lights changed.

Southwest Airlines did say this action was not a company wide initiative however:


While we’re unaware of details surrounding a specific flight, our flight crews celebrate, commemorate, acknowledge and share in special moments with our customers all the time, a Southwest representative said in a statement.


Tweet showing cabin of Southwest Airlines flight to Washington D.C.

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