SNOWFLAKE PARTY Suffers Major Meltdown After Only 109 of 325,000 Visitors Detained at US Airports

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Tears of a Clown

Liberal Democrat Snowflakes had a major meltdown over the weekend over President Trump’s Executive action preventing individuals from seven countries from entering the US. A total of 109 individuals were detained as a result of the action.

CNN reported:

The United States denied entry to 109 travelers heading to the country at the time the ruling was signed, a Department of Homeland Security official said. The agency would not say how many of the 109 were sent already home and how many were detained.

President Trump’s policy mirrored Barack Obama’s ban of refugees from Iraq six years ago.  In 2009 Democrats said nothing but today they are weeping willows.

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer was in tears over the 109 detainees. He called President Trump’s order “mean-spirited” and “un-American.”

Hundreds of leftists protested the 109 detainees in airports around the nation.

They even compared Trump to HITLER over the detention of 109 foreigners!

More insanity

Natalie Portman at last night’s SAG awards was one of many actors concerned about the 109 detainees while commending the ‘peaceful protesters’ disrupting US airports:

A group of these ‘peaceful protestors’ knocked a Trump supporter unconscious and then taunted him while he was laying on the ground in Portland. All because of the 109 detainees:

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