Signed Exec Orders: TPP Gone, Gov. Hiring Freeze (Non-Military), Bans Gov. Funds Promoting Abortions Overseas!

3 New Executive Orders Signed

On Monday President Trump signed 3 major executive orders to kickoff off the Trump Presidency.

The first executive order signed was the withdraw of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

President Trump commented on the order by saying “Great thing for the American worker what we just did.”

From The New York Times:


President Trump formally abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Monday, pulling away from Asia and scrapping his predecessor’s most significant trade deal on his first full weekday in office, administration officials said.

Mr. Trump sharply criticized the partnership agreement during last year’s campaign, calling it a bad deal for American workers. Although the deal had not been approved by Congress, the decision to withdraw the American signature at the start of Mr. Trump’s administration is a signal that he plans to follow through on promises to take a more aggressive stance against foreign competitors.

The second executive order signed was a federal employee hiring freeze except for the military.

From The Washington Post:

President Trump issued an executive order Monday freezing federal hiring. The hiring freeze excludes national security employees.

A hiring freeze was included in the Trump presidential campaign’s “Contract with the American Voter.” It was the second of six measures “to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion in Washington, D.C.” and part of his “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.”

The plan excludes the “military, public safety, and public health.”

The final executive order that was signed banned US funds going overseas to promote abortions.

From The Hill:

President Trump on Monday morning signed an executive order blocking foreign aid or federal funding for international nongovernmental organizations that provide or “promote” abortions.

The order comes one day after the 44th anniversary of the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal.

The so-called Mexico City policy, established by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1984, blocks federal funding for international family planning charities that provide abortions or “promote” the procedure by providing patients with information about it, including by offering referrals to abortion providers.

All three of these executives orders are being hailed by conservatives as major wins in restoring America to her former glory before the Obama administration.

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