Wow! Reporter Caught Sneaking Photos of Rex Tillerson’s Notes at Senate Hearing (VIDEO) –Updated

The Liberal Media Becomes More Unhinged by the Day–
A reporter was caught on film sneaking photos of Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s personal notes at his hearing today before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee today in Washington DC.

The reporter obviously forgot about the cameras running on Tillerson’s seat during the break.
Now the entire world knows she’s a thief.
What an idiot.

The Washington Post says the reporter is not Doris Truong, their homepage editor.


It is not clear at this point who the reporter was but she was friendly with the men in the video.
Please email us if you recognize the woman.

Via Mike Cernovich:

We are still working on identifying the reporter.
It is interesting how her fellow reporters have so far circled the wagons to protect her identity.

–This post was updated to note the reporter was not Doris Truong.

UPDATE: The liberal media still refuses to identify the culprit.
It looks like the woman was sitting behind Tillerson in the blue top at the hearing.

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