SHOCK! Britain’s Theresa May Says Islam Is Peaceful, Globalism Good, Climate Change A Priority (Video)

Theresa May Makes Stunning Comments

Lost in the positive interactions between Prime Minister Theresa May and President Donald Trump and the success of week 1 of the Trump administration are the remarks that were made by May at the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia.

May began her speech in Philadelphia by reaffirming the the relationship between the U.K. and U.S. and giving a brief overview of the history between the two nations. However she goes on to make several comments that should raise serious eyebrows from Americans, comments that were barely mentioned in the media.

From Breitbart:


And Mrs. May also spoke of the necessity for multilateralism in stark contrast with the line pushed by the White House — which prefers bilateralism — over recent days. She cited the need to tackle “climate change” as one of the reasons to back globalist institutions…

…The British PM stated: “Of course we should always be careful to distinguish between this extreme and hateful ideology and the peaceful religion of Islam, and the hundreds of millions of its adherents, including millions of our own citizens, and those further afield who are so often the first victims of this ideology’s terror”.

And while Mrs. May hailed the founding principle of “liberty” and claimed the title of “conservative” to draw parallels between her beliefs and those of Republican attendees, she is perhaps best known in the United Kingdom for an unprecedented expansion of the surveillance state and indeed mass migration at historic levels.

The U.K. has a list of people that it has banned from it’s country for speaking truth about the religion on Islam including the famous conservative Michael Savage and Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch (not to be confused with Richard Spencer who has been accused of being a racist).



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