Secret Service ‘Aware’ of Video Showing Teacher Screaming ‘Die!’ as She Acts Out Trump Assassination in Class

The Secret Service in Irving, Texas, told The Gateway Pundit Wednesday evening the agency is “aware” of a video posted to Instagram that shows a school teacher acting out an assassination of President Trump on Inauguration Day in class. The teacher is shown screaming, “Die!”, as she fires a water pistol at a projected image of Trump. It is not clear if there are students in the class.

Screen image via Twitter.

The video was posted on January 20 to the account of Payal Modi aka payelemm, with the caption, “payalemmWatching the #inauguration in my classroom like….#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday”

A copy of the video was posted to YouTube and reported on earlier Wednesday by Resistance Media.

In the eight second video clip, the teacher is seen approaching the whiteboard at the head of the class holding a water pistol in her right hand and aiming it close range at a TV image of Trump projected in the board. She squeezes the trigger about a dozen times, screaming one time at the start of the imagined assassination, “Die!”

UPDATE: (H/t Cameron Gray)

It appears the the teacher posted the video of herself acting out the assassination attempt on Trump in class.

The Twitter account with her name on it has the following bio:

Payal Modi
High School Art Educator, Designer, and Foster Mommy

Dallas, TX
Joined July 2016″

H/t to Townhall’s Christine Rousselle for finding the Instagram source of the video.

“Here’s the source of that teacher shooting Trump w/ a squirt gun… hope there weren’t students in the room”

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