Sean Spicer: I Told CNN’s Jim Acosta If He Behaves Like That Again I’ll Have Him Removed (Video)

Donald Trump White House Press Spokesman Sean Spicer went on with Lou Dobbs tonight after the president-elect’s turbulent press conference today at Trump Tower.

During the televised press gathering Acosta screamed at Trump and demanded that the president-elect take his question.
Trump told him he was “Fake News.”


This was after CNN ran with a bizarre media smear that Trump was with hookers in Moscow.
Trump owes CNN NOTHING.


Spicer told Lou he warned Acosta he will not be allowed to behave like that in any future press gathering.

Sean Spicer: Jim Acosta was inappropriate, rude and disrespectful. And he did it twice. He did it then in the clip you showed there and he did it later… I informed him that his behavior was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate and if it happened again I would have him removed… I’ll tell you this, if I watched President Obama treated like this, if I watched President CLinton treated like this i would react the same. The office of President of the United States deserves a level of respect. And having a reporter stand up and basically yell and scream and act as inappropriately and rude as he did is a disgrace. We’re better than that.

Spicer is right. The Democrat-media complex is out of control.
Via Lou Dobbs:

UPDATE— Sean Spicer weighs in….

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