Seahawks QB: Donald Trump Might Not Last Four Years in the White House (Video)

While the Republican party was sleeping sports TV has been infiltrated by liberal hacks with far left agendas.

ESPN is well known for its far left slant.
CBS Sports is not far behind.

Today there’s an article up on how President Trump is so divisive and even Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says he “might not last four years.”


This is all because the liberal media is pushing lies and smears about Donald Trump’s temporary ban on refugees – something Obama did for six months in 2011.

This week Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said Trump will not likely last four years.
Via CBS Sports:

Russell Wilson, like a long line of nationally recognized professional athletes before him, has redefined boring when it comes to public comments on any topic, sports-related or otherwise. So it’s with some surprise (OK, we were floored) that Wilson fired up Facebook Live to talk about the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

That’s right: The man who avoids controversy like Brock Osweiler avoids completions has some thoughts on the first few days of Trump’s presidency, which included a controversial executive order related to immigration and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. The order sparked protests at airports across the country, and presumably prompted Wilson to speak up.

The video, which is titled “Barbershop Talk Season 2,” is below. Wilson’s political commentary starts around the 9:40 mark:

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