Rush Limbaugh: Who Cares if John Lewis, ‘Schlonged’ Democrats Show Up at Inauguration? (Video)

Rush Limbaugh went off on the sore loser “schlonged” Democrats who are boycotting the Trump Inauguration.

The list has grown to 60 members or nearly one-third of the House Democrats are boycotting the Inauguration on Friday.

Today Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the boycott.
Rush told Democrats they got “schlonged” and need to get over it and join the winners.


Via Trump Nation:

Transcript via Daily Rushbo:

Wait a second. Does it bother anybody that John Lewis is not gonna go to the inauguration? You know, he didn’t go to Bush’s inauguration, and he claimed that George W. Bush was illegitimate. Does it matter whether he goes or not? Why is it a big deal? Why do we need these guys there? Why do we need any Democrats there? Is anybody under the illusion the Democrats are gonna be eager to work with Trump here? If they show up at the inauguration, it’s only marketing. If they show up, it’s to be able to say later that they showed up with the spirit of cooperation.

“But Trump is so outrageous, there’s no way we can chime in and help on this.” Why do we need ’em? They just got schlonged. They just got beat. Why do we need ’em? “Mr. Limbaugh! Mr. Limbaugh! What about national unity?” Yeah, what about “national unity”? You know, national unity, national schmunity. We haven’t had national unity since the days of the founding. What we’ve had is political warfare. It’s common. It’s what’s built into our way of life, part of a democracy, our representative republic.

The objective is to beat these people, which is what we just did. Why feel guilty about it? “Yes, we just schlonged you. Now you need to join us.” It’s a great way to do it. Fine, if you want to approach ’em that way. But then when they don’t, it’s no reason to think, “Oh, this is horrible!” This is not horrible. These people have been decimated. The Democrats have been decimated at the state level. How many times…? I’m gonna point this out as many times as it takes. They’ve lost 1200 seats!

In fact, I made this point yesterday at in the “Just in From Rush,” little thing. It’s my version of tweeting except it’s exclusive to you at I made the point that they’ve lost 1200 seats nationally, locally, state level since 2010, the midterms. They’ve only got four states where they have the governorship and the state legislature. They’ve literally been wiped out. Obama has presided over the repudiation of the Democrat Party. Why do we need these clowns?

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