Ruh-Roh… 46% of Massachusetts Voters Don’t Want Fauxahontas Warren Re-Elected

Bad News for Fake Indian

A new poll from Massachusetts finds 46% of voters do not want Fauxahontas Elizabeth Warren re-elected.

The Republican governor has a higher favorability rating than Elizabeth Warren.
Mass Live reported:

Asked whether Sen. Elizabeth Warren deserves re-election in 2018, 46 percent of Mass. registered voters said someone else should get a shot at the job, according to a new poll from WBUR/MassINC Polling Group.

Forty-four percent of poll respondents said she deserves re-election. Ten percent said they didn’t know or were undecided.

Warren, D-Mass., has a favorable rating of 51 percent, while 37 percent have a generally unfavorable view of her.

President Obama and Gov. Charlie Baker received higher favorable ratings, 66 percent and 59 percent, respectively.

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