GOP Lawmaker Calls on Unhinged CNN Reporter Jim Acosta to Be Fired – Banned from White House Pressers

After CNN’s Jim Acosta attempted to shout down President-elect Donald Trump at a press conference this week one GOP lawmaker called on CNN to fire the unhinged reporter and ban him from future White House pressers.

Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) called on CNN to fire Acosta after the outburst.

Rep. Randy Weber spoke with Risk and Reward today about the unruly and entitled CNN reporter.


Rep. Weber: What he did was entirely disruptive to the entire press corps if you want to call them that there not to mention the American public. I learned in kindergarten you couldn’t be disruptive and you had to at least act respectful in that kind of a setting… If I had a staffer who did that you would have people calling for the staffer to be fired and rightfully so.

Via FOX Business Network:

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