REPORT: President Trump ‘To Announce US Embassy Will Move From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem On Monday’

U.S. Embassy Being Moved Into Jerusalem

In the 48 hours since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States of America, big moves have started to take place in Israel. The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today that Israel just announced that it will ignore that anti-Israel U.N. resolution that the Obama administration helped pass and will begin building new homes in East Jerusalem.

In a new development, a report was just released that says that President Trump is expected to announce on Monday that the U.S. embassy that is in Tel Aviv will be moved into Jerusalem.

From The Independent:


The White House will on Monday announce that the US embassy in Israel is to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, according to an unconfirmed report by an Israeli news outlet.

Channel 2 cited an anonymous source as saying a member of the Trump administration would announce the highly controversial move on the President’s first full working day in office.

The news channel said it had received no confirmation of the claim and there has been no public statement on the move since Friday’s inauguration of the new US President.

Relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem would represent a major break with US policy.

Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he intends to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, despite warnings the move would violate international law and destroy the peace process.

Earlier in January, US officials and Israeli Foreign Ministry sources said the incoming US ambassador to Israel could be based in Jerusalem, while the official embassy building remains in Tel Aviv.

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