BREAKING REPORT: Obama Admin Forces Border Patrol To Alter Stats Hiding Release of Criminal Aliens

New Report Shows More Corruption Under Obama

Thursday afternoon a brand new report was released from Judicial Watch that indicates that under the Obama Administration the U.S. Border Patrol alters statistics involving the apprehension of criminal illegal aliens to “conceal that thousands are being released” according to a new federal audit.

The Border Patrol is the front line defense for the United States and is charged with stopping terrorists, criminals, and illegals from entering the country along with any weapons, drugs, and other harmful items that they may bring with them.

The report also details that the Border Patrol skews numbers to “drastically deflate” the high recidivism of illegal aliens caught entering the U.S.


For those who don’t know what recidivism means, Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term to mean: tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially :  relapse into criminal behavior

From Judicial Watch:

The distressing details of this crucial agency’s crafty record-keeping practices are outlined in a scathing report issued this month by the investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The probe focuses on a Border Patrol system developed to address a smuggling crisis along the southwest border. It’s officially known as Consequence Delivery System (CDS) and is used to identify the most effective and efficient consequences to deter illegal cross border activity in each of the agency’s sectors. For the system to work, the Border Patrol must report accurate information involving illegal aliens who are apprehended.

Instead, it appears that federal agents on the ground are being ordered to fudge the numbers as part of a broader Obama administration effort to protect illegal immigrants and falsely portray the Mexican border as safe. The GAO report suggests that Border Patrol headquarters directed agents to misclassify criminal illegal aliens, presumably to hide the fact that they were being released instead of prosecuted. Officials interviewed as part of the probe “said that agents received oral direction from headquarters to reclassify criminal aliens who cannot be given a consequence of federal prosecution, and that written data integrity guidance to sectors did not include activities for checking the accuracy of alien classifications,” the GAO report states.

The misclassification of apprehended illegal immigrants resulted in nearly 4,000 criminal aliens being returned to their home country rather than prosecuted between 2013 and 2015, the GAO found. After analyzing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data, congressional investigators determined that an astounding 94% (109,080) of the 116,409 aliens given a consequence of warrant or notice to appear still had an open case and “may remain in the United States.” Thousands more escaped criminal prosecution because they were not properly classified. “Specifically, of the approximate 15,000 apprehensions of criminal aliens who were not classified according to CDS guidance between fiscal years 2013 and 2015, 8 percent were recommended for criminal prosecution (3,912 apprehensions) compared to 47 percent of all criminal aliens during that timeframe,” the GAO writes.

In some cases, Department of Justice (DOJ) restrictions limit the number of illegal aliens that can be referred for prosecution, the report says. This leaves agents in a bind and hesitant to apply consequences that require referral to federal partners. Here’s an example: “Rio Grande Valley sector officials said that while agents apprehended over 129,000 aliens in fiscal year 2015, the sector can only refer about 40 immigration-related cases each day to the corresponding USAO District (Southern District of Texas) for prosecution. Once this daily limit is reached, agents must apply an alternative consequence that is not the Most Effective and Efficient as defined by the CDS guide.”

During his Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump was mocked by the mainstream media for insinuating that thousands of criminals were pouring into the country, well it looks like the President-Elect Donald Trump.

Border Patrol Backs Donald Trump

The union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement also known as ICE threw its support behind Trump during the Republican nomination race.

This is the first time ever that ICE has ever endorsed a candidate for President.

From Politico:

It’s the first time ever that the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council has endorsed a candidate for president, according to a statement posted on Trump’s campaign web site Monday.

“Donald Trump reached out to us for a meeting, sat down with me to discuss his goals for enforcement, and pledged to support ICE officers, our nation’s laws and our members. In his immigration policy, he has outlined core policies needed to restore immigration security — including support for increased interior enforcement and border security, an end to Sanctuary Cities, an end to catch-and-release, mandatory detainers, and the canceling of executive amnesty and non-enforcement directives,” its statement says.


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