REPORT: Muslims Torch Christian Man’s House After Refusal To Sell; Gang Rape His Daughter

Twitter photo featured in the Breitbart article

The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again

In an absolutely horrifying report put out by the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), Muslims in Pakistan have burned down the home of a 70-year-old man who refused to sell his property to them.

According to an article from Breitbart, the arsonists burned down the house while everyone in the home, including his daughter and grandson were asleep.

From Breitbart:


Four Muslim men forced their way into the Christian home and gang-raped the 25-year-old homeowner’s daughter “with threats to leave their family property which was adjacent to home of culprits,” notes Pakistan Christian Post

… “We have done nothing wrong, we have simply continued to practice our faith and that has made us pariahs in the local community. Local Muslims hate Christians they believe we are vermin — rats that should be eradicated,” Rehmat told BPCA.

The article goes on to say that local police have yet to charge the rapists and are not taking the rape seriously.

The father, Rehmat Masih, says this is because of the influence that Muslims have in the government in Pakistan.

Yesterday The Gateway Pundit reported on a gang rape that was streamed on Facebook live in Sweden where the rapists were revealed to be migrants from Afghanistan.

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