Public Universities To Teach Students How To Resist ‘Trumpism’ Including ‘Islamophobia’

Some 25 colleges and universities – many of them public – have answered a call by professors at UCLA to use their regular class time to “teach, organize, and resist” what they view as the discriminatory political agenda of President-elect Donald Trump.

Via Breitbart

Slated for Wednesday, January 18, the teach-in, dubbed #J18, is taking place between the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and Trump’s inauguration. The event’s planners say:

“Let it be known that on #J18 and beyond, universities, colleges, and high schools refused to bear silent witness to the politics of hate and fear; that in these times, these places of teaching and learning not only served as a sanctuary for its students and workers but also stood up to proclaim the power of knowledge on the frontlines of social justice.”

On January 18, the professors are calling upon their colleagues to “Teach, Organize, Resist,” and “affirm the role of critical thinking and academic knowledge in challenging Trumpism.”

They continue:

On that day, we intend to teach about the agendas and policies of the new administration, be it the proposed dismantling of economic and environmental regulations or the threatened rollback of the hard-won rights that form the fragile scaffolding of American democracy. On that day, we intend to organize against the proposed expansion of state violence targeting people of color, undocumented people, queer communities, women, Muslims, and many others. On that day, we intend to resist the institutionalization of ideologies of separation and subordination, including white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and virulent nationalism.”

In addition to UCLA, universities participating in the event to date include: American University, Washington, D.C.; University of California, Berkeley; University of Cincinnati; University of Dayton; University of Minnesota; New York University; Princeton University; Texas State University; University of Kentucky; Vanderbilt University; and University of Washington.

You can view a copy of the flyer here where students are told to use the following hashtags:

  • #J18
  • #SanctuaryCampus
  • #NotMyPresident
  • #ChallengeIneq
  • #UCLARave

What kind of society do we live in where students are paying to be indoctrinated? Students are being told that Donald Trump isn’t their President even though he was elected according to the Constitution. We have also been flooded with Muslim migrants who come from countries with no rape laws and have been taught since birth to hate non-Muslims yet we are ‘Islamophobic’ for pointing out the dangers of Islam?

This is the very reason why Donald Trump was elected. The identity politics and violence from the left created a perfect atmosphere for Trump to be elected. It looks like the leftists haven’t learned why they lost which is why they will be out of power for a long time, perhaps permanently!



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