Psychologist And Architect Of ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Program Wants Trump To Get Tough On Terrorists (VIDEO)

Expert Wants Trump To Toss Political Correctness

How will incoming President Donald Trump handle the issue of interrogating terrorists? Will he opt for the Obama approach which included releasing terrorists from GITMO and allowing them to return to the battlefield? Or will he opt for a tougher approach?

One expert is hoping that Trump opts for the latter of the two choices.

From Fox News:


When it comes to obtaining crucial information from masterminds of terrorist attacks, what should officials do when U.S. Army Field Manuals methods don’t work and American lives are at stake?

That’s the question James E. Mitchell, psychologist and architect of the CIA’s controversial “enhanced interrogation” program, hopes the administration of incoming president Donald Trump takes on – and then opts for the less “politically correct” answer.

Mitchell contends that rapport is more likely to work on regular jihadists, but that top-tier planners are ultimately counting on America’s political correctness – and going soft on them – to make the terrorists’ mission easier.

In his experience, Mitchell said, the agency gathered useful information not during the duress of an actual EIT but in the moments in-between, when detainees knew what was awaiting them.

He also told that the public unveiling of the indictment and banning of previously DOJ-approved techniques like waterboarding and sleep-deprivation plays into the terrorist playbook.

“It made us look divided, that we are weak,” Mitchell said. “It signals to them that there are people in our government who are only concerned about preserving the moral high ground. And K.S.M. did say that (Americans) don’t have the stomach to do what needs to be done, and that is what this signals.”



There is little doubt on how Trump will handle terrorism…

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