Journalists Fall for FAKE NEWS Tweets Published by Parody Account – Then Report it On Daily Beast (Video)

Journalists Fall For Fake News Put Out By Parody Account

A Twitter account “Reuter New Braek,” which identifies itself as a parody account in its profile information, tweeted out late Sunday night that police had identified the gunman in the Canadian Mosque shooting as two white supremacists, David Aurine and Mathieu Fournier.

The account has only a few hundred followers and again it says in it’s own description that it is a parody account yet the Daily Beast didn’t bother to check it’s sources and even scarier they use twitter as their news source to find information.

The parody account responded to attacks from people by saying, “It’s not my fault modern journalists are all gullible morons.”

They have since added an editors note to the article noting that the information in the article was false.




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