Obama May Get Rejected From Golf Club Over Anti-Israel Policies

Anti-Israel Politics Could Cost Barry Tee Time

Barack Obama has spent nearly $100,000,000 of tax payer money going on vacations and playing golf. Now he is trying to join an exclusive golf club and he may not be accepted.

President Obama’s backstabbing polities and clashes with Israel and it’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may cost him a membership once he becomes a private citizen.

From NY Post:


…Members of the mostly Jewish club are at each other’s throats over whether to accept the golf-loving president, with many saying he deserves to be snubbed for not blocking an anti-Israel vote at the United Nations, according to the sources…

…“In light of the votes at the UN and the Kerry speech and everything else, there’s this major uproar with having him part of the club, and a significant portion of the club has opposed offering him membership,” a source told The Post.

Obama’s complimentary membership in the club — which charges regular members an $80,000 initiation fee — would have begun after he leaves the White House on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.

“It’s a very exclusive, high-end club,” a source said.

In addition to the steep initiation fee, members must cough up $9,673 in annual dues.

“Originally, this was supposed to be a back-door thing to get this done and give him the membership — free of charge — and circumvent the rules,” said a source.

“But now, with the UN thing, they are not in position or likely to do it,” he added, saying the club is currently facing threats of potential lawsuits and litigation for breaching the bylaws to let Obama join.



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