OBAMA LEGACY AUDIO=> Leaked Tape Reveals Obama Wanted ISIS to Grow

isis marching

This ought to seal the deal on Obama’s legacy– Death, Destruction and Lies

A leaked recording of Secretary of State John Kerry conversing with leaders of Syrian opposition groups reveals that Obama wanted ISIS to grow in order to serve the administration’s objective of ousting Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Conservative Treehouse posted the audio of John Kerry this past weekend.


Infowars reported:

The recording was leaked to the New York Times and reported Sept. 30, but the Conservative Tree House blog this week featured portions of Kerry’s statements that were virtually ignored at the time.

Regime change was Obama’s only objective in Syria, Kerry indicates, and the administration not only hoped ISIS would carry out the task, it gave arms to the jihadist army and its allies, confirming WND’s reporting.

Kerry admits the U.S. didn’t calculate that Assad would turn to Russia for help.

Obama wanted ISIS to spread – and spread they did.

ISIS has carried out 19 attacks around the world since June.

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