Nielsen: 31 Million Viewers Saw Trump’s Inauguration; 8.4 Million Watched Fox, Only 2.4 Million CNN

Fox News Crushes Inauguration Ratings

It appears that Donald Trump’s hard punches at the liberal mainstream media seem to be doing real damage. President Trump has repeatedly bashed many of the major networks for unfair, inaccurate, and fake news reporting.

One network though is his favorite to hate, CNN. The fact is CNN is the least trusted source of news according to a study done by the Washington Examiner.

Now Nielsen has released the ratings for President Trump’s inauguration.

From The AP:

Nielsen estimates 31 million viewers watched TV coverage of President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday…

…Fox News Channel was by far the most-watched network of all, cable or broadcast, with 8.43 million viewers. Cable rivals CNN had 2.46 million and MSNBC had 1.35 million.

The most-watched inauguration since 1969 was President Ronald Reagan’s first oath-taking in 1981, which was seen by 41.8 million people.

The debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton were watched by record numbers of viewers, with 84 million people tuning in to the highest-rated first debate in September 2016. However, daytime television has far fewer viewers than prime time.



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