NFL Says Lady Gaga Is Not Banned From Bashing Trump At Superbowl

Gaga Not Banned From Attacking Trump

On Tuesday a report surfaced online that claimed that Lady Gaga had been told by the NFL that she couldn’t talk about politics or Trump at the Superbowl halftime performance.

From ET Online:

When Lady Gaga hits the Super Bowl stage, at least one subject will be off limits: Politics.

A source close to the halftime show tells ET, “Lady Gaga was told by the NFL that she cannot say anything or bring anything up about the election, or mention Donald Trump.”

The New York Times is now reporting that the initial report released by ET Online is not accurate.

From The New York Times:

The National Football League has denied that it asked Lady Gaga to avoid talking politics ahead of her Super Bowl halftime show appearance in February.

“Lady Gaga was told by the N.F.L. that she cannot say anything or bring anything up about the election, or mention Donald Trump,” an anonymous source told Entertainment Tonight in an article published on Tuesday. The news story swiftly gained traction on the internet.

But the football league flatly denied the report later that day. “This is unsourced nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none,” Natalie Ravitz, a spokeswoman for the N.F.L., said in a statement.

Liberal Political Stances From The NFL Have Killed Ratings

Back in October Sporting News had reported that the Colin Kaepernick-led protests at games where players where taking a knee during the national anthem had decimated NFL ratings.

From Sporting News:

It’s the Kaepernick Effect, stupid.

The alarming fall in NFL TV ratings this season is partly because of fan anger over on-field protests by Colin Kaepernick and other players of the American flag/national anthem, according to pollster Rasmussen Reports.

Nearly one-third (32 percent) of adults say they’re less likely to watch NFL game telecasts because of the Kaepernick-led player protests against racial injustice, according to Rasmussen’s telephone/online survey of 1,000 American adults conducted Oct. 2-3.

Recently Breitbart reported that the NFL lost an estimated 800,000 viewers due to the disrespectful protests led by Colin Kaepernick.

From Breitbart:

Early in the season, ESPN and network broadcasts never missed an opportunity to spotlight Kaepernick and his followers taking a knee during the pre-game ritual. Fans, though, saw Kaepernick’s protest as thumbing his nose at America. As a result, regular season ratings for 2016 dropped 8% to 16.5 million viewers per game from the 17.9 million who watched games during the 2015 NFL campaign.

The NFL and its associate broadcasters preferred to blame the decline in this year’s viewership on the presidential election, but the data doesn’t support their claim. Although a pickup in ratings occurred after the election ended, viewership compared to the same duration in 2015 still showed a drop.

As Breitbart News reported last week, “When you compare viewership numbers after this year’s election against last year’s 2015 NFL season numbers during the same period of time, per game viewership declined by approximately 4 percent from 19.24 million viewers in 2015 to this year’s 18.43 million. Quick arithmetic calculates the NFL lost over 800,000 viewers since last year during the same period.”

Video: James Woods Reacts To Kneeling At NFL Games

If you are sick of the disrespect being shown by NFL players towards the U.S. by kneeling at games the best thing to do is to follow in the foot steps of James Woods…


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