NEWSPAPER: ‘Enormous danger’ 10,000 leave Europe to RAPE and MURDER for ISIS, security chief warns

More Europeans Joining ISIS

According to the new chairman of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, thousands of Europeans have “set out to rape and murder in Syria and Iraq” under ISIS.

From Express:

Sebastian Kurz made the remarks during his first speech in his new role, warning that those who return from the Middle East countries pose an “enormous danger” to Europe.

Mr Kurz, who is also Austria’s foreign minister said that stronger action against terrorism by radicalised and extremist Islamists was needed across all the 57 member states that comprise the group.

He told the Permanent Council: “We know that around 10,000 people from the OSCE area have set out to rape and murder in Syria and Iraq.

Kurz went on to state that youth are the most likely to join the fight and that Europe must listen to it’s youth and figure out why so many want to join ISIS in the middle east.

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