MUST SEE VIDEO=> Jesse Watters Confronts Jackass Who Harassed Ivanka Trump and Her Children on Plane

Jesse Watters and coward Attorney Dan Goldstein

New York gay couple Matt Lasner and his husband Attorney Dan Goldstein targeted Ivanka Trump and her children in December at JFK Airport in New York City.


After spotting Ivanka and HER CHILDREN the unhinged leftists CHASED HER DOWN!


Ivanka Trump was flying commercial at the time and was seated in the plane – with her three small children.

The Hillary supporter harassed and abused Ivanka and her children on the plane.

Now this…
FOX News host Jesse Watters tracked down Dan Goldstein and confronted him at Hunter College.

Jesse Watters tracked down Daniel Goldstein to confront him on his disturbing attack on a young mother and her small children.

The coward would not even show his face.

Via Watters World:

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