THE MELANIA TRUMP EFFECT: Ralph Lauren Stock Prices Spike In Wake Of Inauguration!

Ralph Lauren Is Winning Big League After The Inauguration

Remember all those snotty designers who said they wouldn’t design an outfit for Melania Trump for the inauguration? Well today they are kicking themselves for snubbing the FLOTUS after seeing how well Ralph Lauren is doing in the Stock Market since the inauguration.

Harper’s Bazaar is reporting that share prices in Ralph Lauren stock is soaring since the inauguration on January 20, 2017.

From Harper’s Bazaar:


Ralph Lauren company stock soared in the minutes just before President Trump took the oath of office – about an hour after Melania made her first appearance.

The stock had closed on Thursday at $88.20 a share, before reaching $89.32 in the moments leading up to the inauguration. Trading spiked around 11am, and then stock closed at $88.90 at the end of the day on Friday, a boost in what had otherwise been a down month for the company’s stock.

The continued surge in Ralph Lauren share prices continued since the inauguration. The stock closed on Wednesday at $91.15 a share.

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