Meet the “Big Mac ATM” That Will Replace All $15 Per Hour Fast Food Workers, Good Going Bernie!

Liberal Policies Destroying Jobs In America

Let this serve as a lesson for those who believe that voting for Bernie Sanders is a going to help them get a better job. Voting for Bernie Sanders and politicians like him is a sure fire way to guarantee that you will most likely lose your job.

Across the country low skilled workers have been pushing hard for a $15 minimum wage believing that they are entitled to earn more. While it certainly is hard making it on less than $15 an hour it’s even harder to make it if you don’t have a job.

Forbes points out that those pushing for the $15 minimum wage are just shooting themselves in the foot.

From Forbes:

I worked for the company for three decades, and served as its USA President for 13 years. I can assure you that a $15 minimum wage won’t spell the end of the brand. However it will mean wiping out thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options.

If companies are forced to pay workers more than they are able to afford then they will have to look to alternatives in order to stay profitable.

From Zero Hedge:

Wendy’s, another popular fast-food establishment, announced plans in May to start installing self-serving kiosks at some of its over 6,000 locations later in the year. The chain is replacing cashiers and other low-skilled jobs with computers and automated machines because, as Wendy’s president Todd Penegor told Investor’s Business Daily, it has to compensate for wage hikes.

McDonald’s Europe president Steve Easterbrook announced in 2011 that the fast-food restaurant was planning on “hiring” 7,000 touch-screen cashiers to be installed across the continent, according to CNET and the Financial Times. Easterbrook said it would make transactions more efficient — namely lowering the average interaction three to four seconds each.



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