Matt Drudge Takes On Do-Nothing Republicans: They’re “Hanging The Donald Out to Dry”

Matt Drudge, arguably the most powerful man in news today and founder of The Drudge Report, slammed the Ryan-McConnell Republican Congress for “hanging The Donald out to dry.”

Drudge posted this tweet on Monday:

“Congress hanging The Donald out to dry. Making him do everything alone! Despicable. No tax cuts, no Obamacare repeal. NOTHING,”


Drudge followed up the tweet with this hit on Speaker Paul Ryan:

Republicans kept repealing Obamacare while O was in office [knowing would go nowhere]. Now… NOTHING!

The GOP elites, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest, are wimps.
Drudge is right. The only Republican in office with any balls is President Trump.

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