Marine Le Pen Favored To Win First Round Of Presidential Election; Main Rival Hit by Fresh Scandal in French Election!

Le Pen Favored To Win First Round

It seems like it is taking forever for France to become the next domino that topples over in the people’s revolt against globalism. With that being said all indicators seem to indicate that France will be the next country to elect a conservative populist leader is Marine Le Pen.

From Breitbart:

In the first-round vote in April, Ms. Le Pen would come first with 25 per cent. Conservative candidate François Fillon would garner 21-22 per cent and centrist Emmanuel Macron can expect 20-21 per cent…

…The Front National leader is still likely to lose out in the second round voting, however, as those from both left and right will unite against her, the Kantar-Sofres poll for Le Figaro suggested.

That Breitbart article was published on January 30, a day before a new scandal hit Le Pen’s main rival.

From Bloomberg:

French presidential candidate Francois Fillon employed two of his children as legislative aides, Le Canard Enchaine newspaper said, adding to the scandal that is starting to surround his election bid.

The paper will report tomorrow that two of his children earned 84,000 euros ($91,000) from 2005 to 2007 while working for him when he was a Senator. It will also say that his wife, Penelope Fillon, allegedly earned more than 900,000 euros as a parliamentary assistant for more than a decade and as a contributor to a magazine. That’s higher than the 600,000 euros that the Canard previously reported.

The initial revelations about Penelope’s work for her husband last week prompted prosecutors to open a probe into the family’s income, throwing Fillon’s bid for the presidency off course.

This is a huge break for Le Pen who could see her poll numbers surge after these new developments.

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