MAGA3X Announces Increased Security Measures at #DeploraBall After Threats by Violent Leftists

Far left agitators and thugs announced plans last week to shut down the the Trump Inaugural parade, Inauguration and Deploraball on Thursday night.

Fox News reported Friday on audio recorded by conservative Trevor Loudon of a protester saying #Disrupt20 plans to “crash” the pro-Trump “Deploraball” on Jan. 19.

You can hear the fascists cheering in the background as they announce their plans to shut down the Inauguration.


Far left goons also created a Facebook page targeting the Deploraball.

And they published a target list of “Who are the DeploraBall? win names of popular attendees:













  • Many more…

Due to these increased threats MAGA3X announced increased security measures on Sunday night.

Organizers sent out an announcement on Sunday night.

The DeploraBall organizers hired a professional security team for the event through the National Press Club, which is experienced in high-security level events. And attendees will ushered into the lobby area to eliminate anyone having to wait outside.

Here is the announcement.

Several of you have asked about safety and security for the event. As you may have heard, the #DisruptJ20 protesters are targeting the Deploraball among other events during Inauguration week. Here is a report.

We take these issues seriously. Here are several measures we are taking to ensure the safety and security of the event:

1. We’ve hired a professional security team to work the event. We did this through the National Press Club, which is experienced with high-security events.

2. In coordination with the Press Club, we are communicating with local police to ensure that they keep the area outside the Club entrance secure and accessible.

3. We chose the Press Club partly because we knew it would be within the security perimeter. This means there will be an expanded police presence in the immediate area.

4. We have hired four people to help with check in and are making greater efforts to verify attendees.

5. We’ve chosen an expanded lobby area to check people in, to minimize anyone from having to wait outside.

With all the high-testosterone veterans and alphas attending, a protester would be foolish to try to inflitrate the party — but we are still taking every possibility seriously.

We are more likely to encounter protesters when getting into and out of the Press Club Building and at the check points for the security perimeter. If you encounter protesters, our strong recommendation is to not engage with them in any way. Take the high road. Do what you need to keep you and yours safe, but otherwise ignore them.

We are unwavering in our excitement for the party. It’s going to be awesome!

As a reminder — If you change your mind about going for any reason, we will honor all refund requests until 6pm ET on Monday the 16th.

– The Organizers

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