LOSERPALOOZA: What The Mainstream Media Didn’t Show You From The Women’s March (Photos)

New Photos From The Women’s March In Washington D.C.

The full force of the peaceful hate of the left was on display during the women’s march in Washington D.C.

From Madonna saying she has been thinking seriously about blowing up the White House to Satanists calling for President Trump to be beheaded, the true colors of the left were once again on display.

Below are multiple photos taken by @deplorableDS while he observed the women’s march in Washington D.C.


“We stand vigilant against: Prejudice, injustice, tyranny, fascist ideology”

“Mr. President, Islam does NOT silence me. It empowers me. Can you hear me now?”

Clearly someone doesn’t read the Koran and doesn’t pay attention to the way women are treated all around the world by Muslims.

“This is just a warm up”

This could almost be considered a threat considering people at the event called for Trump’s assassination and made threats to blow up the White House. It’s very sad to see that a little girl was exposed to all the hate and intolerance on display!

“We protect each other because we have seen this before”

Again another very misguided protester.

“Swamp Thing”

What point is she trying to make?

“The future is female”

Misguided protester who doesn’t understand that her statement is actually sexist. The future is everyone’s, not just for men or for women.

“This is my fight sign #imstillwithher”

Another sore Hillary Clinton supporter, you lost!

“Feminism is another word for Equality”

“If men could get pregnant you could get an abortion at an ATM. Mind your own Uterus”

One of the dumbest statements we could find. Note how she has a Hillary Clinton sticker on her jacket.

“You haven’t seen nasty yet”

Oh but I believe we have.

“This President is brought to you by the KGB”

Another well-informed liberal, NOT.

“Love Thy Muslim Neighbor”

“When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”

Note this liberal can’t even spell the word FASCISM correctly. Also blatant attack on Christianity and against everyone who has fought and died for our country.

“Grabbing Misogyny By The Balls”

It’s hard to see this one, it’s on the far left. Also a Black Lives Matter poster of the far right of the picture.

“Drumpf makes me Dry”

Another classless liberal.

Black Lives Matter Poster

“Pussies Against Fascism”

Another Brilliant Liberal.

“someone should chop Trumps head off & burn it in the ashes of everything he loved 666”

Another peaceful and tolerant liberal.


Hat Tip: David Suarez @deplorableDS


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