LOL IRONY! Mini-Series “When We Rise” Postponed For Trump’s Address to Congress

In a hilarious twist of fate, the mini-series “When We Rise” is going to be postponed to make room for President Trump’s address to Congress and the creator is less than thrilled. In a typical millennial-catering fashion, “When We Rise” in a far and above overdramatization of the black/gay rights movement back when, it appears in the trailer, America lost the WWII and we were taken over by the Nazis? The show stars 9/11 conspiracy theorist and President Trump favorite, Rosie O’Donnell, among others.

Identity politics outlets like Huffington Post have been quick to claim that the show’s subject matter are about to become a current reality under President Trump:

The trailer’s release on Monday couldn’t feel more timely in the wake of Donald Trump’s surprise ascension to the U.S. presidency, which has left the future of queer rights in question.

Many liberal outlets are applauding the show, saying that it will inspire young people to fight for modern civil rights (because bored millennials love pretending they still have to fight for their rights to… umm… or fight against Trump’s policy that… ummm… rights!).

The show’s creator, Dustin Lance Black, has taken to Twitter to “urge ABC to do all they can to insure #WhenWeRise does NOT get #Trumped.” Whatever the hell that means.


Watching the trailer, below, will give you a glimpse into the hilarious world-view a lot of progressives perceive as their current reality. A world where they think American government runs around saying “This city will not be taken over by incouragables [sic] and deviants!” and “Keep one step ahead of the blacks and homosexuals!” LOL. Gimme a break.


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