Lockheed CEO to Trump: We Plan To Add 1,800 New F-35 Jobs in Fort Worth

More New Jobs Coming To America

In wake of Donald Trump’s win the 2016 presidential election, numerous companies have announced that they will be creating new jobs here in the U.S. or they have announced that they are cancelling plans to move jobs out of the United States. Among the list so far includes companies like Ford, Carrier, Chrysler, IBM, Amazon and Alibaba just to name a few. Now add Lockheed Martin to the list.

Last Month Trump had blasted the cost of the F-35 program on Twitter which immediately sent stock prices tumbling for Lockheed.

In response Lockheed said they were going to work to get the cost of the F-35 down and vowed to work with Trump.

Now Lockheed has announced they will be creating 1,800 new jobs in Fort-Worth, Texas for the F-35.


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