Latest Liberal Lie: Women’s March in DC Dwarfed Any Tea Party Event …(Complete LIE!)

Sorry Dirty Liberals: You and Your Minions in the Media May Own the Airwaves – But You Don’t Own the Facts

Hundreds of thousands of liberal women marched in Washington DC with pussy hats on their heads.

The protesters screamed obscenities from stage and promoted domestic terrorism.

Liberal media cheered the paranoid and offensive display against President Trump.


Monday night on The O’Reilly Factor former Obama official Austan Goolsbee told Bill the Saturday march had ten times as many attendees as any Tea Party event.

Here is a photo from Saturday’s Women’s protest.

And here is video from the million strong Tea Party March on Washington in September 2009.

There’s no comparison.
The liberal mainstream media likes to push propaganda against Trump.
You can count on us to report the truth.

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