Joy Behar and Company Are In Full Meltdown Mode Over POTUS Trump (Video)

Joy Behar and the rest of ‘The View’ women go into full meltdown when talking about the first days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

We can all rest easy knowing the The View will be holding Donald Trump and his staff accountable for the next 8 years!

Monday on The View, while President Trump is accomplishing HUGE things such as withdrawing from TPP and hitting ISIS, Joy, Whoopi and the rest of the cast tackled the important topics, such as, “Was Press Secretary Sean Spicer exactly correct with the crowd size at the inauguration?”



Whoopi – “Photos show that he did not attract the crowd that Obama did in 2009.  He insists that about a million and a half people were there and the press secretary went even further. Take a look.”

Joy goes on to give Spicer advice for his professional career, telling him to “get out now” and just “get a job on CNN”.

Behar – “He can still get out. Get out now Sean! Get out now! I said that to Kellyanne!”

This is just another example of the far left belittling President Trump’s staff.  They are not able to accept his accomplishing more since Friday than Obama did in eight years as president.

It’s going to be a long eight years for the women of The View.

Watch video:

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