Italian Priest Puts Mary in Burka for Christmas so Muslims Won’t Be Offended

An Italian priest caused an uproar after dressing Mary in a burka for his Christmas Nativity scene.

Father Franco Corbo defended his decision saying Islam is synonymous with peace and brotherhood.
The Express reported:

The priest had defended his decision, saying that he wanted to send a message saying ‘no’ to too many walls, either literally or symbolically, that prevented integration.

He said: “Just think about the wall built by Israel to keep Palestinians lock in true enclaves.

“It’s my desire to remind people that religion can and should be an instrument of dialogue.

“All other faiths and ethnicities have been destroyed or reduced to misery by the selfishness of Western society.”

Asked if he was serious, he replied: “I’m very serious.”

He also stated: “Islam, like all religions, is synonymous with peace and brotherhood.”

He added that Islamic State (ISIS) had nothing to do with the Islamic religion and that suicide bombers and terrorists had nothing to do with the religion.

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