ISIS Calls For ‘Arson Jihad’, Singles Out Texas Megachurch In Latest Magazine!

ISIS is encouraging its followers to focus on a new type of jihad against the West – setting fires.


Via The Foreign Desk

In its latest edition of its monthly “Rumiyah” magazine Friday, the terror group called upon ‘lone-wolf’ jihadis to launch arson attacks, explaining how setting large blazes requires minimal effort in simply obtaining a canister of gasoline—a task that “should not arouse any suspicion.”

“Incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerilla warfare,” the author writes, offering a suggested list of soft targets, including nightclubs, schools, hospitals and churches.


A picture of the First Baptist Church, a Dallas megachurch appears, with the caption: “A popular Crusader gathering place waiting to be burned down.”

“A specific church in Dallas, mentioned in Rumiyah, is taking things to a new level,” commented Graeme Wood, author of “The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State” a new book focusing on the mindset of Islamic State believers.

Thanks to the Obama Administration, ISIS has metastasized and spread to over 2 dozen countries, including the United States. Living in fear of the next attack by Islamic terrorists has become the new normal for Americans.


The Trump Administration must ban Muslims from entering the United States AND deport the Muslim refugees who were brought here going back at least 8 years. In order to protect the future generations from living under constant terrorist attacks, we must take drastic measures such as bans and deportations to cull the Muslim population.



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