ISIS Amaq News Agency Releases Report on Istanbul Killer Iakhe Mashrapov


Turkish officials released a passport photo of Istanbul New Year’s Eve mass murderer Iakhe Mashrapov who moved to Turkey with his wife and two kids about a month before the massacre. Mashrapov allegedly fought for ISIS in Syria and is from Kyrgyzstan. (Mirror)

Translated from Turkey: Speaking to the press today, the first photo is the second video of Lakhe Mashrapov … the man in photo.

Another photo of Mashrapov.


ISIS Amaq News Agency released a report in English on the New Year’s Eve slaughter at an Istanbul nightclub.

The announcement claims a fighter from the Islamic State carried out the attack in Istanbul where “150 Christian celebrants” were killed and wounded and forced to jump into the Bosphorus Strait.

When ISIS leader Abu Baghdadi last spoke in early November he said Turkey was a “priority for jihad”.

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