An Investigation Has Been Launched Into OBAMA’S DHS Hacks On Georgia Election System!

An Investigation Has Been Launched Into The DHS Hacks

According to an exclusive article by the Daily Caller, Federal officials have launched an investigation into the hacks that were carried out by the Department of Homeland Security on the State of Georgia’s election system

The mainstream media has largely ignored this attack of which there is concrete and absolute evidence of and have chosen to instead focus on the alleged hacks that were supposedly carried out by the Russians. Attacks that cyber security experts have stated that Russians are absolutely not behind.

From The Daily Caller:

John Roth, inspector general for DHS, wants to know why the agency broke protocol on its way to 10 unprecedented attacks on the system overseen by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp — who is also one of the most vocal critics about the Obama administration’s attempt to designate local and state election machinery as part of federal “critical infrastructure.”

A Jan. 17 letter from Roth notified Kemp his office was officially “investigating a series of ten alleged scanning events of the Georgia Secretary of State’s network that may have originated from DHS-affiliated IP addresses.” A firewall in Georgia’s system thwarted each attempt.



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