Intel Agents Tell Liberal Media They Have Identified “Russian Actors” Who Turned DNC Emails Over to Wikileaks


Obama intelligence agents leaked information to far left outlets The Washington Post and NBC on the latest intelligence report on Russian hacking.

The agents told NBC and the WaPo they have identified the “Russian actors” who turned the information over to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told Sean Hannity this week the DNC emails did not come from Russian government sources.


At least six times Wikileaks has denied Russia was their source of the leaked DNC emails.

In early December former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, who is a close associate of Julian Assange, said he has met the DNC leaker and he’s not Russian.

Tonight intel agents leaked info to the Washington Post.
The Washington Post reported:

Other key pieces of information gathered by U.S. spy agencies include the identification of “actors” involved in delivering stolen Democratic emails to the WikiLeaks website, and disparities in the levels of effort Russian intelligence entities devoted to penetrating and exploiting sensitive information stored on Democratic and Republican campaign networks.

Those and other data points are at the heart of an unprecedented intelligence report being circulated in Washington this week that details the evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and catalogues other cyber operations by Moscow against U.S. election systems over the past nine years.

The Intelligence community also leaked information from the report to NBC News:

The U.S. has also identified Russian actors who turned over stolen Democratic material to WikiLeaks, the source said.

The official agreed to talk to NBC News after the Post published leaked details of the review because the official felt that the details the paper chose focused too much on the Russian celebration and not enough on the thrust of the report.

It will be interesting to hear Wikileaks’s response to the latest reports.

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