INDOCTRINATION: Philly Teachers Introduce Black Lives Matter Content Into Lesson Plans, Curriculum

Teaching Black Lives Matter Content Sparks Outrage

A liberal activist group within the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is planning to introduce pro-Black-Lives-Matter content into the curriculum at all grade levels. The name of the radical liberal group is The Caucus of Working Educators and they’ve called for a  “Black Lives Matter Week of Action,” which is set to start Jan. 23 and run through Jan. 28

From The Philly Inquirer:

The lessons are not mandatory, and in fact not sponsored or sanctioned either by the school system or the PFT. It’s up to individual teachers whether they participate and how, from wearing T-shirts to engaging students in lessons.

So according to this it appears that the school system has not even approved this material to be taught in classrooms yet the radical teachers will teach it anyway.
An open letter from the radical activists states that their purpose is:


“these goals are vital for educators, parents, students, and all communities in order to…

  • create a space for introspection and dialogue around the 13 guiding principles;

  • build deeper connections between educators, parents, students, and community organizations;

  • stand in support of national organizing supporting Black Lives Matter;

  • empower students and student groups to play a leading role in this week and moving forward.

Not everyone is thrilled about teaching Black Lives Matter in schools. One teacher who said he believes in equal rights says that Black Lives Matter has no place in the school system and that the movement “challenges nuclear families” as well as “the justice system.”

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