Video: Hispanic Trump Supporter Attacked While Speaking to Media Outside Deploraball

Violent Liberals Attack Hispanic Trump Supporter

A new video has emerged of a young Hispanic male who was attacked by violent liberals on Friday night in Washington D.C.

An Hispanic Trump supporter was attacked twice within minutes by protesters outside the Deploraball in Washington, D.C. Thursday night–including while he was being interviewed on camera!

Screen image of victim being interviewed between attacks.


Video posted to YouTube by News Heist shows the young man trying to dodge and ward off attackers who were surrounding and attacking him in the middle of 14th St., NW, in front of the National Press Club where the Deploraball was being held.

The video then moves to the man, now with a bloody mouth and other facial injuries, speaking to the media and independent reporters for several minutes, explaining how when he left the ball he tried to speak with protesters only to have his hat stolen and to then be attacked by them.

A friend wearing a Trump shirt underneath a jacket, who also appears to be Hispanic, is seen standing with the man during the interview and makes a few comments. At one point a masked protester argues with the man. The man makes the point that he took about twenty punches from protesters who were holding ‘Stop Hate’, ‘Stop Fascism’ signs.

While he is speaking to reporters a wall of protesters chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” barge through the reporters surrounding the man and attack him a second time. The man is not shown again in the video.

Two masked protesters then give interviews with News Heist. Both come off as ill-informed, but menacing.

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