ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Democrat Party and Fake News Media Responsible for HORRIFIC Chicago Racist Hate Crime!


Obama Built This…..

The Democrat Party Built This….
The FAKE NEWS MSM Built This….

A white man was kidnapped, gagged and beaten by a racist black Chicago gang — on Facebook Live.

In the video Facebook user Brittany Herring and others allegedly tie up, attack, beat and cut an unidentified white male.
(Brittany’s Facebook account is still active.)



They scream at him “F*ck Donald Trump!”

The horrific attack of this handicapped white man goes on for 30 Minutes.

(Warning on Graphic violence and language)

Democrats Built This—

The left has made it sport to fake hate crimes.
And since the historic November election hate hoaxes are a dime a dozen.


There have been at least 17 faked hate crimes since the November election.

Black Pilled put together the complete list of fake hate crimes since Donald Trump’s victory.

What should be noted is that there were 2,000 verified hate crimes against Trump supporters since the election.
So we all know where the real hate, violence and intolerance exist.

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