Government Leeches Scared of Federal Freeze – Threaten to Take Down Trump

Government Leeches Scared of Federal Freeze

There are currently over two million people employed by the Federal government. This includes pointless “task forces”, departments, and over paid bureaucrats that have been limiting freedom for Americans and for businesses.

Kay Coles James and Linda Springer on the Trump team, plan to reduce domestic agencies and strengthen our defense.

The only problem is that many of these domestic agencies are part of powerful unions. Unions that allow them to pass a post-it note around between their desks and still collect six-figure salaries.

The last time this was successfully done was by Ronald Regan who set up federal hiring freezes that helped lower taxes and send our nation into a spurt of economic prosperity.

What is standing in his way?

Liberal news organizations have already begun to attack with unsubstantiated information, such as NPR claiming that unionized workers are cheaper than private contractors in a capitalist system (seriously?!).  Current federal employees have already started threatening the Trump Administration with sandbagging his policy proposals, dragging his orders through the bureaucracy, and if that doesn’t work – leaking everything they can about the administration through whistle-blower protections. So, let me get this right – federal employees are saying “if you don’t hire more of us, then we won’t do our jobs, we’ll make sure your already hard job is tougher, and we’ll blackmail you.” Any liberal publican see a problem with this?  Can you IMAGINE if an actual business was run this way?! Well, that’s what Obama left us with, overpaid moral-less bureaucrats.


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