GOOD NEWS! Priebus Says Current Refugee Ban May Not Go Far Enough – ‘PERHAPS’ MORE COUNTRIES MIGHT BE ADDED (VIDEO)

It keeps getting better!

Earlier today White House adviser Reince Priebus told “Meet the Press” that the Trump administration will not apologize for keeping America safe.

Later in the interview Priebus added that the current refugee ban from seven Muslim nations may not be enough and “perhaps” other countries need to be added to the list.


Think Progress reported:

Despite facing public backlash and legal challenges, the Trump administration appears to be doubling down on its recent immigration ban. The president’s top advisors are now floating the idea that it doesn’t go far enough and and say the administration is considering expanding the ban to include more countries.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told NBC reporter Chuck Todd on Sunday that the ban could be expanded in the future to include countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt.

Reince Preibus: “We are concerned about the issue, Chuck, and that’s why we put the seven countries initially into the executive order that were identified previously by Congress, by both the House and the Senate and the Obama administration as being the seven most watched countries in regard to harboring terrorists. But you bring up a good point. Perhaps other countries needed to be added to an executive order going forward.

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